When you last heard from your intrepid wanderer, I was emerging from exhaustion and burrowing into my nest, designed especially to accommodate languid winter vacation days.

But my body wasn’t ready to let go just yet. After teasing me with a sore throat for several days, the cold came on strong and phlegmy. Having not yet built up more than a few hours of sick time at my new job (and not yet economically secure enough to shrug and opt for unpaid leave), I spent a couple of the worst days hauling my sorry ass to work and playing the part of “person.” Because as soon as you get a moment to stop moving, sit back, and breathe, your body says “how about not that last thing for a while lol ttyl.”

Today, though, I stepped out my door into the bracing 15ish degree weather and felt almost energized. Frozen, but invigorated. Unsure of the icy footing, but alive.

Still can’t make it more than a few minutes without reapplying a coat of menthol to my throat, but it’s a start.

Happy 2017.


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