Two full days with no internet connectivity, half a suitcase full of books, and this view:


Then, a restless night (DON’T OVERSLEEP AND ACCIDENTALLY END UP IN ANCHORAGE GAH) followed by a very early morning and a dark/dreary drive off the boat.

Once back on dry(ish) land, it’s time to reconnect with the world (wide web), drain a coffee bucket, and begin establishing my Alaska cred. I need a mailing address. My soon-to-be new apartment needs electricity. Etc.

Observation: the Seattle Chill has not yet spread to Juneau. It may be colder outside up north, but I’ve never felt so utterly disarmed by people’s warmth. When’s the last time you went into a utility department’s office and left with not only a service contract but a self-declared “new grandmother?” Everyone I’ve talked to thus far has managed to melt a corner of my icy, black heart. It’s positively shocking.

Will these gooey feelings persist? Well, the ultimate test may be coming: I plan to hit up the DMV tomorrow.


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