Hello world.

It’s high time I saw a bit more of you. I’m too comfortable, inured to accustomed commutes, work routines, social circles. Too intellectually acquiescent.

And too financially stable, apparently.

So, I’m out and looking upward, to Juneau, Alaska, the Last Frontier. All my worldly possessions loaded onto a barge and myself loaded onto a ferry, venturing into the chilly darkness of a northern winter. Saying goodbye to what has become normal and hello to who the hell knows what. Embracing discomfort. And not a little anxiety.

The last time I did this, I blogged regularly. Separated from family and friends, I wanted to share stories from afar that went beyond the word limit of a pithy Facebook status update.

As I head out yet again, I’ve decided to try again.

So. Hello world.


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